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Short Term & Long Term Storage

What is short-term storage?

If you’re storing something for less than three months, you should be looking for a short term storage unit. Short-term storage gives you the quick, flexible answer you need without keeping you in one place for too long. Because short-term storage really lives up to its name, there’s not generally enough time for things like dust or rust to start ruining your items. That means you can skip the specialized coverings or treatments and go for something simple like a bed sheet to protect your items. However, you should still think about the temperature inside the storage unit, as extremely hot or cold weather can impact certain things like electronics in a short period of time.

What is long-term storage?

To store something for more than three months, you need long-term storage. You can use a long-term storage unit for as long as you want–whether that means three months and one day or whole decades. Unlike short-term storage, long-term storage provides plenty of time for rust, dust, mold, and other things to potentially ruin your items. That means you need to take extra care to keep things dry and protected, usually with specially-made plastic covers. You’ll also need to consider both hot and cold weather, as long-term storage means your items will probably be exposed to both over the year.
We understand how important your valued possessions are to you. We offer only the safest, most secure storage facilities to house your belongings. Our special crates ensure that your belongings will not be damaged while in storage. Our facilities are climate-controlled, have alarm systems and 24-hour security.

Local Moving and Long Distance Moving

A local move is typically one that occurs when moving between two locations within 50 miles or less, while an intrastate move occurs over a longer distance in the same state. This is of course in comparison to an interstate move which takes place when moving across state lines. Of course with local moving you don’t have to worry about that long drive, but it still takes proper planning to ensure a successful day. There are so many variables that come into play when planning a move. What size truck will it require, or perhaps it will take two trucks? How many men will it take and what combination of men and trucks will be most efficient and cost effective? Most local moves are done on an hourly basis, so while the hourly rate for two men is certainly cheaper than the four man rate, it won’t necessarily save money. Our local offices and team of professionals, make every step of the moving process as stress-free for you as possible.